Theresa Peronace

Theresa M. Peronace, MACP, SAC

Certified Trauma Specialist

Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy

Everyone is Deserving of Help. The question isn't "What's wrong with you?" but rather "What's happened to you?"

Theresa is a Certified Trauma Specialist who will help you heal from your painful past and the current struggles you have been experiencing. She will guide you in discovering deeper insight into limiting belief systems so that you may live a healthier and more positive lifestyle. Her goal is to assist you in regaining a sense of safety in the present and hopefulness toward your future. Theresa received her trauma certification in Prolonged Exposure Therapy at the University of Pennsylvania. She specializes in trauma that spans from early childhood through adulthood. She has extensive experience working with sexual assault survivors, those who struggle with PTSD, and other stressor-related disorders. She is well versed in the process and cycle of Addiction, including the impact of addiction on family systems.

Theresa's approach to the therapeutic process is Person-Centered and Trauma Informed, leading her to have completed training and certification in the Sanctuary Model. Theoretical modalities include Prolonged Exposure, CBT, and DBT.

Theresa believes in the importance of seeking professional support and therefore utilizes a sliding scale when needed. Reach out for a free phone consultation.

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